Sunday, 13 February 2011

first thoughts for paris

I have started getting a rough idea what I want to do, but not worked out a specific schedule yet. The main things I want to do are as follows:

1. Reportage illustration & Photography,

Particularly of the Squats & Atelliers in the North East of the city, and some of the flea markets. but also some of the more tourist orientated areas, cafes, etc. Get a feel for both sides of Paris life.

Probs spend 2-3 days on this, looking at doing a series of pencil and Ink drawings.

2. General Tourist stuff:
- Moulin Rouge, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, etc

For maybe a day.

3. Jazz Clubs - I hear the jazz scene is amazing, would like to spend a night or two exploring that.

Other than these main points I am well up for some wine and cheese action, and sampling some of the local cuisine.

I will get more details on specifics later.

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