Monday, 28 February 2011

Notre Dame & Centre Pompidou

Riiiighhht, well I've had a bit of a look into them both; prices, the history and all that jazz.

I'm not personally going into Centre Pompidou since I did it a couple of weeks ago.
It's basically a french version of the Tate Modern; so if you're into the modern art scene then yeah, it's worth a look. Lots of angry semi-naked feminists.
It is open all day every day: 11am-9pm.
- Current exhibitions and where to book tickets.
- There's a bit of history about the building etc.

Notre Dame De Paris (french for Our Lady of Paris) is considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture. It is open 8am-6:45pm daily (or at least the week days when we will be there) umm so would be an idea to visit there first.
I am recommending Hotel De Ville as the station to go to from Anvers (where we will be staying) as it is in between the two. Also; there are some nice macaroon shops in that area (for all those that are after some multi-coloured sweet treats).

The tower is NOT open until April unfortunately; but the architecture inside is worth a look. - if you want to check anything else out.

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