Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh oh, bon soir mon petit pois!

Gonna try and see:

  1. Les frigos and or 59 rivoli, both artists squats
  2. Musée Fragonard (museum of anatomical oddities, how incredible does that sound?! We’re taking Siamese animals and inside out people and pickled heads here.)
  3. a taxidermy shop, Deyrolle? It’s meant to be adorable.
  4. The catacombs maybe. i'm a little claustraphobic, has anyone been there? squishy?
  5. Musee Albert Kahn, i've always loved autochromes. nomnom.

Eat some:

  1. I want to eat the biggest piece of strawberry meringue I can find
  2. A million macaroons
  3. A real life delicious croquet-monsieur with a side of REAL LIFE French fries.


  1. Dogs. Parisians seem to have a great taste in their best friends.
  2. Any “strange” outfits/haircuts/situations etc.
  3. Want to try and collect as many images of the art nouveau around the city as possible
  4. I think really just a lot of observational drawings in cafes and areas of interest.

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