Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wednesday Meeting Brief Details

We kind of scheduled the following:


Tuesday: Sacré-Cœur - Moulin Rouge (from outside) - meal out, trip to a monoprix

Wednesday: La Tour Eiffel (plus whatever is closest)

Thursday: Centre Pompidou & Notre Dame (thanks Emily)

Friday: Catacombs (plus whatever is closest)

Saturday: Last minute things

Group leaders:
Will - Catacombs
Tim - Squats
Sofia Weird Museums
Kieran - Tour Effiel
Emily Pomipdou & Notre Dame
Chiu - Moebius exhibition

Groups leaders will have fun by:

1/ Preparing a guided tour - get some notes/printouts to tell us all about the place we visit

2/ Can set us a task :)

Think of something that has to brought back from Paris - it has to be super cheap or free

There should be a list of 22 things, and no dupilcates! So the more original you are from the start the less chance of another person thinking of the same thing

Afternoon/evening shopping:

Group leaders:
Chiu - Comics/Picture books
Helen - Vintage Clothes Stores
?? Flea Markets
any other places?

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